Nyx Cosmetics

Nyx Cosmetics is a makeup brand focused on expressing the artistic side of makeup. They don’t totally focus on using makeup to enhance your features like competitors such as Maybelline and Cover Girl. This brand is unique because they put on tours to show case their products as well as teach consumers how to use it. So I decided to create a bus wrap for the tour. The product line I chose to advertise was their Glitter Goals line, while also advertising the tour. I wanted to keep that glittery texture in the headlines and I chose cities that are known for having a lot of bright, glittering lights to tie everything together. I created 4 magazine ads, and used 2 of them in bus depots. I also created the banner advertisement for their website. Finally I designed a catalog that featured each of the products in the Glitter Goals line, each swatch, and the price.

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