The Wall Street Journal

This project is an online event for The Wall Street Journal. Like Yahoo!, I wanted to create a Fantasy Football online draft. The call to action is if the consumer drafts their Fantasy team with Wall Street Journal they are entered for the chance to win Super Bowl LIV tickets. I created a logo for the event, then designed the stationery. I started with multiple two-page spread magazine advertisements. The idea is that someone will be flipping through the magazine quickly in a check-out lane at a store, see a large image of a well known NFL player that prompts them to open to the page and see the advertisement. I also added some big stats from each player in the advertisement because that is something drafters look into when choosing their teams. Because this event is online, I also designed 3 web banner advertisements, as well as an informative email that can be sent to current Wall Street Journal users. Finally I designed the microsite. The first page features top headlines, important dates, and updates on players to keep users informed. The next page is the leaderboards. Both are to help keep the users informed on who is doing well so they know who to change out in their weekly line up.

Let’s build something together.